The Annual Open Field Days in Ethiopia 2015

The Annual Open Field Days were Held in Ethiopia, with Collaboration between Hazera and Green Life Trading PLC – Hazera’s Local Agent

The Hazera Annual Open Field Days were held in 3 regions of Ethiopia. Participants and special guests from Hazera in the field days included: CEO of Hazera, Mr. Rami Dar, Head of the Seed Production Department, Mr. Amit Einav, and Commercial Business Unit Manager – Middle East & Africa, Mr. Jawadat Badawieh, as well as a group of distributors and agronomist from Tanzania, Kenya and Sudan that attended the Open Field Days event, 15-20 of May 2015, organized by Hazera and Green Life Trading.

The event was conducted for the 6th year in a row and has become an annual tradition.
This year the field days were held in 3 different sites and regions, in order to increase the number of participants in each region, without requiring them to travel more than 500 km. Hundreds of farmers from the different parts of Ethiopia took part in these field days.

1-Field day for Central Ethiopia, held at the Koka Ethiovegfru Farm

2-Field day for Northern Ethiopia, held at Mekeli Friyatena

3- Field day for the Harari Region in Eastern Ethiopia

Mr. Jawadat Badawieh and Green Life PLC’s agronomist displayed to growers the varieties the company has developed especially for open field cultivation. They also conducted tours of the fields, enabling participants to see the varieties closely and learn about their growing conditions, yield potentials and the disease resistance of the varieties. The varieties shown during the open days included tomatoes, onions, peppers, cabbages, watermelons, sweet melons and lettuces – using different methods of crop cultivation.

Brochures and booklets providing explanations and information about the varieties registered in Ethiopia were distributed.

In addition, we provided farmers with vital know-how about cultivation, fertilizing etc.
All the guests attending the event were very pleased and satisfied with the open field days, which offered them valuable information, experience and an introduction to begin growing the varieties.

Derese Fikru
Senior Agronomist, Green Life