Hazera supports “Fair Planet” in Ethiopia

As part of Hazera’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and contribution to the community,

in the broadest sense of the term, the company provides support to a social startup called “Fair Planet”,

led by Dr. Shoshan Haran – a former Hazera employee, alongside with Alon Haberfeld, who also has a

valued history at Hazera.

“Fair Planet” is a unique initiative in which volunteers travel to Ethiopia, where they help local farmers improve

their crops, grow higher quality vegetables, and increase their profits. Hazera is proud to contribute to

the project and to provide seeds suitable for the local growing and climate conditions. Although the

project only began 4 years ago, the results are already evident on the ground, in the form of high-quality

crops of tomatoes, with 5 times higher yields than the national average in Ethiopia.

Published on Mamon magazine of Yedioth Ahronoth (Israeli daily newspaper)