ZiMMan: The Cucumber Champion

Hazera’s Long Cucumber breeding program, initiated around ten years ago, is still relatively new. This makes it even more impressive that at such an early stage of the program, our team was able to breed ZiMMan, a variety that responds exceptionally well to new environmental stress factors like climate change, water salinization, and new plant viruses.

In the ever-evolving field of agriculture, with increased environmental challenges, Hazera needs to produce versatile varieties. ZiMMan is the first variety developed with this in mind. It is a notable addition to the Hazera cucumber portfolio, designed to tackle these challenges, with a main focus on fighting against the new plant viruses, especially CGMMV.

ZiMMan was launched in Spain, a key market for Long Cucumbers. But its adaptability to thrive under hot conditions, high yield, and comprehensive set of resistances (CYSDV, CVYV, CGMMV, Px) make ZiMMan a resilient and reliable choice for growers worldwide.

“The team started to develop ZiMMan around four years ago and within its first commercial year, ZiMMan achieved a 10% market share of the Spanish market in seed quantity. I’m impressed and proud of the team that they were able to achieve this level of success in such a short time with our cucumber breeding.” – Federico Puyo, Product Manager for Long Cucumber.

Moreover, ZiMMan showcases Hazera’s commitment to innovation and excellence, offering several key characteristics that ensure its adaptability to diverse growing conditions and environmental stresses:
Strong Root System: Ensures the plant’s resilience and ability to withstand stress.
Dark Fruit Colour: Indicates a healthy and visually appealing crop.
Plant Structure: Promotes optimal growth and productivity.

With investing the expertise of its team, Hazera is on a journey towards cultivating stronger and more resilient cucumber varieties.

Would you like to learn more about ZiMMan or our cucumber breeding program? Feel free to contact us.