Greenlife and Hazera together held the Annual Open Day at Koka – Ethiopia, from May 31 to Jun 2nd

The first two days were organized for international visitors who came all the way from Angola, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda and Israel (including the Hazera’s CEO, Rami Dar).

The visitors received field training by the Hazera’s Commercial Director in Africa, Mr.Jawdat Badawieh, focusing on tomato, pepper, onion, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and eggplant production, as well as on tomato breeding by Mr.Ezri Peleg, Hazera’s Global Lead Tomato Breeding, and also visited and shared experiences with small-scale Ethiopian farmers.

The last day was designed for visitors from local commercial farms, small scale farmers, companies and NGOs involved in the horticulture sector, as well as people interested in investing in vegetable production in the future. Growers from different parts of the country participated in this successful open day. Farmers from Dire Dewa, Erer, Meki, Koka, Debreziet, Zeway and Butajira received training provided by field experts from Hazera and Greenlife Trading, and they shared their experience with us as well. The Dire Dawa Agriculture Bureau, Dire Farmers Union, Meki Batu Union, Timret Farmers Union, SNV Ethiopia, Ethiopian Seed Association, JDC Ethiopia, Cultive Aid, Joy Tech, Et Seeds all took part and contributed to this big day.

Our special thanks go to EthioVegfrue Farm and their team, for their Ethiopian hospitality and for their professional management of the field day.

Hope to see you all again next year!